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I got an http error, what does this mean?
Last Updated 3 years ago

You can find a full reference for your error in the official documentationĀ here.

A run down of the most common http error codes you may receive is provided below:

  • HTTP Error 429: You have tried to upload too many files in a short period of time. Simply wait a bit before attempting to upload files again. More informationĀ here.
  • HTTP Error 400: This is a general error for a client side error that may have been caused due to an error on the user's part, refer to the aforementioned documentation to cross reference your error further and determine it's exact causal factor.
  • HTTP Error 5**: This is a catch all error code range for server side errors. may be under maintenance or be down at the bottom. If the latter is true, create a support ticketĀ here.

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