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How do I add OpenGraph properties/a discord embed to my image?
Last Updated 3 years ago

The OpenGraph Protocol enables sites to serve metadata that can be used to create detail rich embeds on their own websites. Discord uses these to add embeds to linked sites.

To add a title, description, or embed colour to your upload, you must specify the "og_properties" json object in your request. 

There are multiple ways to do this, the easiest is editing your .sxcu file based on this documentation.

Here is an example:


Keep in mind that the OpenGraph Protocol applies to webpages. Not hot-linked images. This means that if you specify the "noembed" and/or "discord_hide_url" flags, your embed will not display, regardless of if you have specified your open_graph properties.

If you are using ShareX, you can specify your og_properties under your custom uploader settings as a field in the "multipart/form-data" drop-down.

Here's how that looks:


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